How can I put on the shoes?

The first time you will need to put on your shoes normally, untying your laces and regulating the shoe around your foot comfortably. You will do this just once. After that you simply need to insert your foot in the shoe, push forward and let the heel gently slips into the shoe.

Please watch the video on “Patented Tecnology” to see how to do.

The self-fitting mechanism does not work on me. How come?

If the shoe size is correct and when you wear the shoes you are comfortable, then the mechanism will work with you as well. Please wear the shoes in the traditional way for a few days to allow the leather to get softer and adjust to your foot. Then try again, it will work. It takes a little bit of practice in the beginning, especially for people with big insteps.

I struggle to put my foot inside. Why?

It depends on your food shape. It can happen that you need to try the self-fitting mechanism a few times and for a few days before it works smoothly on you. We advise you to leave the shoes loose intially if necessary and then adjust them later.

How can I choose my size?

Our sizes are standard for casual shoes, they actually wear a bit more than normal. Usually casual shoes are 1 or 2 sizes less the sports shoes. Refer to your other casual shoes size to order ours. If you are in the middle between numbers (i.e: 43 ½ , we advise you to order the smaller one (43).