All materials are carefully chosen exclusively from Italy and treated with the meticulous care that only a craftsman can have. From the leathers to the laces everything is Made in Italy and chosen following the highest standards. The materials are light and resistant ensuring high comfort but also a clear sense of style.


Traditional craft with our modern touch

All our shoes are entirely made by hand by our manufacturer in Campagna Lupia (VE), Italy, one of the few artisanal places left in Italy where the shoes are treated like a piece of art like the tradition requires. Here is a picture with our manufacturer during the creation of our shoes.

Longer process, higher quality

The shoes remain in the mannequins to acquire the forms for 2 days unlike other shoes that remain only a few hours. This guarantees a firmer shape leaving the shoe soft on the foot.

In addition to the time in the mannequins, the shoe has a working process that exceeds 4 hours without considering canning, unlike an industrial shoe that is already in a box in 2 hours.


All soles are also Made in Italy and represent an important part of the shoe. We wanted our soles to be modern, stilish and comfortable. For our first model we opted for a rubber sole which is carefully milled to enhance the shape and the style of the shoe. The sole is matched with the key counterfort of the shoe which is the real vital part of the self-fitting shoe which is manufactured also in Italy in Caerano San Marco (TV).

Patented elements

The art in making this shoe is the integration of the elements of the patent to create a self-fitting shoe. This requires high precision and great skills. The special counterfort, the rubber bands and the mechanism in the tongue are not simply functional but become elements of differentiation and recognition.