Patented Technology

A revolutionary patented innovation has finally come for shoes.
No more bending over, no more tying and untyin g,a new way to put on your shoes has come and you will love it.
It’s so simple like counting 1, 2, 3, in fact you put them on in three simple moves as shown below.

1-2-3 step tremosse

Old vs new way, which one is better?

A Need or Want?

Some people need this innovation, others will simply enjoy it as it is so comfortable that you will never want to wear other shoes once you try this one. It might does not look like a big deal to tie your shoes, but wait until you try not doing that for a couple of days.

No bend over required

Sometimes it is just difficult to bend over, for whatever reason. It might be temporarely or a permanent problem. For whatever reason even the simplest thing like putting on the shoes can become a problem. Unless you have Tremosse self-fitting shoes

If you are in a rush…

There are situations when you are in a rush or you are holding in your hands a lot of things. Traditionally you would put down everything you have, uncomfortably put on your shoes as fast as you can and then pick up your things again. Or you use Tremosse shoes.